A Retrospective Of The Best Rainbow Six Siege Updates

A Retrospective Of The Best Rainbow Six Siege Updates

If you are a fan and player of Rainbow Six Siege, you must have noted the tremendous improvements made by the developer over the years. The modifications are made using updates to improve your gaming experience. Hence, since its release in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has introduced several updates, patches, and expansions. Each of these changes comes with varied new content, features, and improvements to the game.

While most players prefer to use powerful Rainbow Six Siege hacks to gain the desired gaming experience, updates ensure that the game is even better without compromising the system. That’s why developers always aim to add more user-friendly features, operators with better abilities, and challenging landscapes.

This article will focus on the five major updates that brought significant changes to this popular game. Starting with the first update, Operation Black Ice, we will highlight some of the best things the innovative updates added and made the game what it is today. Keep reading.

Operation Black Ice

Operation Black Ice was the first major content update for Rainbow Six Siege that brought in two new Operators. These are Frost and Buck and a new map set in a frozen yacht. As for Frost, she brought her special “Welcome Mats” traps, while Buck introduced the Skeleton Key shotgun attachment. These additions gave players new tactical options and gameplay strategies.

Operation Black Ice was the leader for many other updates that followed in the next years, thus expanding the possibilities that developers can explore to support the game and raise the gaming experience.

Operation Velvet Shell

Operation Velvet Shell update changed the gaming environment by introducing players to the beautiful coastal setting of Ibiza, Spain. It also added two new Operators, Jackal and Mira. Using Jackal’s new abilities to track enemy footprints, players were treated to a new layer of fact-finding missions and information gathering. That alone added a whole new experience for players.

On the other hand, Mira came with a bulletproof feature called “Black Mirror” that changed the game’s defensive capabilities and strategies. This update also made major changes to the game’s HUD and user interface, which scaled up the overall gaming experience.

Operation Chimera

Chimera is what made Rainbow Six Siege convert to a more structured seasonal content model. This update introduced players to the game’s first limited-time cooperative event, popularly known as Outbreak. This event added more challenges, requiring players to fight off hordes of infected creatures.

It changed speed and energy from the game’s traditional PvP gameplay. This operation also added two new Operators, Finka and Lion. The two have separate capabilities that shake up the meta, challenging players to adapt to their strategies.

Operation Burnt Horizon

The Operation Burnt Horizon allowed to players to experience the harsh Australian Outback while bringing on board two new Operators (Gridlock’s Trax Stingers and Mozzie’s Pest Launchers) and a new map set in a gas station and hotel. The operators added new layers of area denial and information denial to the game. This feature tasks players to rethink their attack and defense strategies. Operation Burnt Horizon update also made key improvements to the game’s overall performance by stabilising the system for a better player experience.

Operation Crimson Heist

The fifth update on our review is Operation Crimson Heist, which brought the neat and well-done map Border to the gaming landscape. It also introduced a new Operator, Flores, who comes with his RCE-Ratero Charge. Using his abilities, he can efficiently execute explosives from a distance using a device that can stick to surfaces. This gives him a powerful force for attackers to break barriers and destroy enemy defenses. This update also brought good changes to the game’s replay system and spectator mode. This enhances the challenging and engaging scenes and opens the doors for communities to create content.


Thanks to innovative updates, Rainbow Six Siege has managed to keep fans entertained with new content features and the introduction of new Operators and maps. Hence, every new release makes the game better. Necessary changes have also been made in gameplay mechanics and balance, reshaping the game’s identity and maintaining its popularity on the market. More changes will continue to be made to ensure that Rainbow Six Siege remains as good as new.


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