How Minecraft Is Being Used In Scientific Studies

How Minecraft Is Being Used In Scientific Studies

Minecraft is currently one of the hottest video games in the gaming world. It has gained worldwide recognition from gamers in different countries and the numbers are still growing.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game created by the popular Mojang Studios. The game was published in 2011 and has maintained its stance as one of the top games in the gaming world. The game is an adventure game that is basically about crafting. Players place blocks to craft various items like weapons, containers, mechanical devices, building houses, cities, etc.

One of the best things about this game is that it suits the young and old. Anyone from age 10, and above can play Minecraft. It is also a great learning tool for both kids and adults. The second best thing is that gamers can make their own experience and world in the game.

Minecraft has different modes, survival, creative, adventure, spectator, etc. Each of these modes has unique features but the survival and creative modes are the most played modes.

How is Minecraft connected with science?

Minecraft has been used to create unique learning experiences for kids, including those in universities. The video game has some parts of science in it, but so do others. So what makes Minecraft different from other games in terms of being connected with science?

Minecraft consists of different science experiences and items that create an avenue for learning. Some of these science-related experiences include; a great ecology system, a sustainable city, a space station, biodiversity, chemistry, manufacturing, etc.

Can all Minecraft Servers Be Used In Scientific Studies?

Minecraft may have different servers, but they are all packed with scientific experiences for players and those looking to discover more about science with the game. We will be focusing on one Minecraft server to provide the answer to this question. The Minecraft prison server is a great pick as it consists of many unique networks.

Some of the Minecraft prison servers include:

  • The Archon: This is a customizable prison mode with lots6of6adventures.6Players can easily become miners with this mode.
  • Purple Prison: You can level up on this prison server by building and trading with other players
  • Jartex Network: The concept of the Jartex Minecraft prison server is based on gambling. Players are obligated to join a cartel before entering a casino built on their mines.
  • MC Prison: This server offers a good level of freedom. If you want to rank up on this server, you can mine, build, donate, and even fight.
  • OpBlocks Network: This is one of the best Minecraft prison servers, as you will be equipped with separate mines and enchanted tools. The address for this server is mc.opblocks. The Minecraft prison servers on this site can be easily accessed, if you wish to go with it.

There are other Minecraft prison servers but the above-listed ones are our top pick. Based on the brief highlights on each of our listed servers, you can tell that each server has its unique features. However, we can not dispute the fact that they are all useful in terms of studying science.

Minecraft In Scientific Studies

Minecraft is used to illustrate scientific concepts in some learning facilities around the world. The game highlights some scientific concepts in biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and geography.

Minecraft has an education version, known as Minecraft Education Edition. This version was designed for educational purposes, and it plays a role in the use of Minecraft as a scientific study.

Here are some of the aspects in which Minecraft can be used in scientific studies


Minecraft contains block circuits and has the option of crafting logic gates from these circuits. The logic gates created in the game are similar to the digital electronics in the real world. The concepts of crafting the logic gates and how they are relatable in real life are being described and shown in schools to students.


You are probably wondering how Minecraft is related to biology. Well, it is very relatable based on the biomes in the game. Minecraft consists of different biomes, and each of them has one thing in common, they are similar to real-life biomes. Their similarities include; different animals, vegetation, and other elements you may come across in real-world biomes. One thing about the Minecraft video game is how real the gaming experience feels. You can study animal behaviour, plant growth, animal anatomy, and many more in the game. With the biological concept in the game, you can study biology while relating it to real-world experience.


There are different chemistry-related elements in Minecraft, ranging from the elements used when crafting weapons to other chemical-related activities. Like most scientific studies, you will need to properly investigate, experiment, and observe, to fully understand the concept of chemistry in the game.


Video games are mostly designed for entertainment and hardly for learning or studying but Minecraft has proven to be a tool for learning and not just for fun.

Despite the scientific aspect of Minecraft, the video game is one of the most played games in the gaming world as it is filled with lots of adventures.

Minecraft provides gamers with relatable gaming experiences, and when it comes to the learning aspect, it also serves as a good learning tool. The game serves as a learning tool for important science subjects, physics, biology, chemistry, and even geography.


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