The 7 Funniest Social Media Stars You Have To Follow

The 7 Funniest Social Media Stars You Have To Follow

Social media is without a doubt the most important cultural platform when it comes to entertainment and socialization in this day and age. So it’s no wonder that many people managed to become massive sensations online. I’ve we’ve seen movie comedies become rarer and rarer online comedy has taken its place and online comedians I’ve even made a transition to the stage. So let’s take a look at some of the funniest social media stars that you should follow if you want a good time when browsing online. Be sure to look at all of them if you want to get some funny content on your timeline no matter what platform you use for your social media time.

Khaby Lame

Well-known for his skits on Instagram, you have probably seen him on almost every platform possible at this point. His shtick is mostly about mocking stupid life hack videos that try to bank on trends by selling useless products. His silent gesturing has become so well known that nowadays people associate the gesture he does with him. It has come to a point where his merch can only show his hands and people will instantly recognize it has its trademark.

Kyle Gordon

Now that is a name that took 2023 by storm. He is the weird Al Yankovic of the new generation well known for his original music parodies where he manages to parody entire genres. He makes comedic skits that will keep you laughing and coming back for more. His meteoric rise to fame last year led him to release a comedy album in early 2024 that is worth checking out if you haven’t heard it before. He currently has multiple video clips out for his songs parodying bossa nova, emo punk, and euro funk.

Sabrina Brier

She has collaborated with Kyle Gordon before and is one of Tiktok’s favorite characters. She has built her platform by playing characters based on the most annoying people you know to great comedic effect. While I recommend you increase your TikTok views if you wish to reach her level of fame, watching her and taking notes on the simplicity and effectiveness of her content is a great way to start. She plays entitled and privileged characters that we all have met in life which makes her comedy incredibly easy to consume and relatable to a great level.


Kallmekris also known as Kris Collins is a pretty well-known tiktoker who has recently made a pretty big move to YouTube. There you can consume her long-form reaction content but if you prefer short comedy skits her TikTok is definitely for you. She has a vast cast of characters that not only tell a comedic story but have a whole interwoven story and lore that makes it really to go back and watch her older videos first to see how these characters progressed through the years as Kris made her content all across multiple platforms.

Rhett and Link

These two are some of the most well-known and oldest internet celebrities out there. They’ve been on YouTube for as long as anyone can remember and while some older people might remember them for one of the oldest memes around, Chuck Testa, they will know them for their Good Mythical Morning podcast. Nowadays Rhett and Link have grown Mythical into a massive brand that until recently even encompassed Smosh which they saved from bankruptcy a few years ago. They do all sorts of funny games and talk show-type videos that will draw anyone who loves to see new content in their subscription list every week.


While Smosh is not one person and a massive agglomeration of different people, it is worth noting especially nowadays. While it was one of the very first comedy channels on YouTube to make it big the reality is took a long dive in popularity until the arrival of a whole new team that bolstered its numbers. Not only did they bring in a lot of new viewers but they also created all sorts of new content that Smosh had never attempted before. Nowadays though the main Smosh channel has gone back to its roots with the return of Anthony Padilla amongst their ranks.


This is one of those creators that everybody knows even if they consume any social media content. He’s been part of so many internet events and controversies that his name has been part of some international coverage. The reality though is that Felix Kjellberg is a fairly wholesome Swedish YouTuber who is partially retired nowadays and still makes a lot of content from time to time. He moved to Japan with his wife Marzia where his son was born. Nowadays he uploads lifestyle content and comedic reactions from time to time which makes him a perfect content creator to enjoy for both funny and cozy content.


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