The Best Social Media Sites For Creative Marketing

The Best Social Media Sites For Creative Marketing

Social media has, without a doubt, become the most powerful marketing system out there. These platforms provide unparalleled exposure and customer interaction. Marketing experts of the past could only dream of having a tool like this at their fingertips. And the best part is, almost everyone on the planet uses some form of social media.

It is no secret that not all platforms are created equal. Each successful platform has become popular because they have carved out their own niche. Facebook and Reddit, while both social media platforms, are worlds apart in terms of functionality and form. And this means that not every platform will be as useful for creative marketing.

Creative marketing is a specific subset of advertising that focuses on drawing in new users by grabbing their attention. It is typified by graphic design, music, interactive elements, and engaging content. But which social media sites are the best for creative marketing? Stick with us as we explore your options.


Instagram made a name for itself by being one of the first, and most successful photo sharing social media platforms. When Instagram was launched, back in 2010, the other social media platforms did allow for photo sharing, but it was just an extra feature amongst a myriad of others. Facebook would let users upload huge albums of photos, for example.

Instagram took a different approach. On Instagram the main focus was photos. Each post had to include a photo. And the app came equipped with a photo editing tool. Allowing users to enhance and customize their snaps. This allowed users to create a more thematic page. Unlike Facebook’s wall system, Instagram’s users’ pages would display all their photos in an aesthetic grid.

Modern Instagram allows for a greater degree of creative freedom. Users can upload photos, videos, and even host livestreams. All of this is done on an interface that presents the content in an appealing manner. Making it one of the best social media platforms for creative marketing purposes. We highly recommend making full use of all the features available to you on Instagram, including the new reels section.

Instagram is also a great platform for collaborating with other companies or influencers. It has inbuilt functionality for posting the same content between accounts, but having it appeared as a linked post to other users. Networking is a key part of any successful marketing campaign. And Instagram is definitely the best social media app for creative networking.


Reddit is the ultimate public forum. If you can think about it, there is most likely a subreddit for it. And if there isn’t one yet, you can go ahead and create one. Reddit is unique amongst social media platforms as it is entirely curated by its user base.

Reddit might not seem like the best site for creative marketing. But it actually offers a lot of opportunity if you know how to navigate it properly. Reddit offers you the chance to engage with your customers on a more personal level. You can use subreddits like Ask Me Anything or Today I Learned to communicate with your customers while also promoting your brand.

The sponsored posts system is a great way to show off your company’s latest marketing as well.

Reddit has a huge daily user base, so you can be sure your marketing will reach a huge audience. Just be careful to avoid looking like a bot account. Some social network sites have a shadowban feature that targets accounts that might be seen to be spamming. So ensure you aren’t just reposting the same content over and over again.


No social media app has quite taken the world by storm as TikTok has. It was first heralded as a replacement for Vine. But it has since become a unique beast in its own right. Users can upload short videos that are then shared with the world. These can be as brief as a few seconds. Or as long as ten minutes.

TikTok is a powerhouse of creative expression. It is most commonly known for its dance trends. But you can find content from all walks of life here. TikTok is where viral trends are started. Which is why it is such a powerful marketing tool. If you can keep up with the latest trends, you can ensure your product reaches a huge audience.

It isn’t all about trend chasing though. You want to show your customers that your company has a creative side too. On TikTik, you can post content that is a bit more casual and laid back. Showing the inner workings of your company and the people who work there. This is a great way to bridge the gap between brand and customer. Showing a more human side to your company.


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